flowering stages

Guide To Different Cannabis Flowering Stages

If you have been searching for week 9 flowering stage week by week pictures for cannabis plants, you are in the right place.

The flowering stage of cannabis plants is crucial to the whole life cycle. After the nutrition and germination stage, it enters the flowering stage. It takes up to 7 to 9 weeks before harvest.

We have explained the different flowering stages below.

  • Week 1-3

This is the transition stage where your cannabis plants will grow rapidly, both in height and size. During this stage, you must limit the photoperiod to 11 to 12 hours. Cannabis plants will grow pre-flowers during this stage.

  • Week 3-4

The growth of your plants will slow down as soon as it enters week 3. At this stage, your plants will form buds and require more nutrients. It will also become more sensitive to the environment.

  • Week 4-6

By the end of the fourth week, the stretching period of your plants is over. At this stage, your plants will not grow more leaves. So you need to be careful with the leaves that are left. Also, make sure that your plants maintain proper foliage as it is important for greater yields.

  • Week 6-8

At this stage, the plants will focus on growing buds. Keep a check on your plants to see the buds grow significantly.

  • Week 7-8

At this stage, you will see the pistil and trichome ripening. To be more precise, the trichome will turn milky white and the pistil darkens.

  • Week 9

At the end of the flowering stage, you will notice the trichome and pistil change together. This is considered the best time to harvest your plants.

Growing and harvesting cannabis plants all by yourself is tough, but not impossible. If you have adequate knowledge about these plants, you can try growing your supply.